Ethniki Insurance Corporate Production Network Awards Ceremony 2017

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hours event play
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Awards Ceremony for Ethniki Asfalistiki, rewarding insurance consultants for the sales production of the year

  • Ethniki Insurance Company
  • Glyfada Golf Gardens
  • Corporate Events
  • 9 June 2017
  • #ethnikiasfalistiki

Ethniki Asfalistiki came up with the need to organize an Awards Ceremony in order to reward its insurance consultants for the sales production of the year. We had to design the event for 1.000 people attending, being awarded and having fun. The branding of the evening blended nicely with the visuals and the stage design highlighted smoothly the message of the ceremony. The event elements with utilitarian and decorative value added character, while serving the needs of streaming and live performances of the band Melisses.

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